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Filter Tube

Filter tubes are widely used and various forms, usually divided by the following methods

   • According to material: Stainless Steel Filter Tube, Galvanized Steel Filter Tube, Brass Filter Tube,etc

   • According to its layers: Single Layer Filter Tube,Multilayer Filter Tube

   • According to produce method: Perforated Mesh Filter Tube, Expanded Mesh Filter Tube, Woven Mesh Filter Tube, Assembled Filter Tube, Sintered Mesh Filter Tube, etc.

   • According to application: Inlet Filter Tube, Outlet Filter Tube, Suction Filter Tube

   • A part of the paradigms based on structural characteristics.

Pleated Filter Tube

Sintered Filter Tube

Filter Tube With Flange

Wrapped Edge Filter Tube

Filter Tube With Thread

Cone Type Filter Tube

Floating Ball Filter Tube

Check Ball Filter Tube

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