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Filter Belt

The Auto Mesh Belt Filter also know as Twilled Weave Reversible Screen Belt,Filter Band,Filter Ribbon,Ribbon Belt,ribbon filter belt, automatic belt filter.The Auto Screen Belts enable automatic and continuous screen changing with filter screens in the form of twilled reversible dutch wire mesh.These screen belts can be manufactured as per the customer’s production schedule and in any customized width/length with both sides plazma welded.Owing to these flexibility these auto screen belts have become the first choice for the production of blown and cast films,thermoformed products,oriented tapes,twines,wovensacksmfrs.,ropes and other products which require uninterrupted extrusion process condition.These filter belts are available as per following specifications.

72 X 15 132 X 14 132 X 17 150 X 17 152 X 24 152 X 30 260 X 40
Width: 97mm,108mm,110mm,120mm,127mm,130mm,133mm,138mm,150mm,etc
Length: 10 - 20 meters

Filter Ribbon Belts Material:Stainless Steel 302,304,316,316L,etc.

Automatic belt filter mesh has the resistance to acid,soda,corrosion,high temperature etc;
The filter band is produced by reverse dutch weave,so it has greater strength to support for greater loads in filtration;
With reverse dutch weave,the ribbon filter belt has precision mesh size to effect good filtration in extrusion;

Auto screen belt is widely used for filtering in plastic industry for PP,PS,PVC,PET,PE,ABS,PMMA in ribbon style continuous screen changers for plastic extrusion,melt filtration.

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